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A complete free Indian Matrimonial to search Bride and Groom. Find your matching Bride and Groom from these matrimony profiles. All these profiles are verified and genuine to keep quality in this matrimonial website. Please register your profile for free, search and contact, but only
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Yes, this is 100% free Indian Matrimonial
All our service are free and this is a Credit Card free website. This Free matrimonial website is for Indian orgin living across the world like USA, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Australia, etc. We have different religions in Indian and we tried to keep this simple website for all Indian religions, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, etc.
Motivation behind this
I have seen lot of people paying money in these paid matrimonial websites and those people dont do anything other than search and contact. Online Matrimony is a big business in India and ofcourse, they are making money. I started this website to keep quality matrimonial profiles and remove inactive profiles. So you cant see any indecent profiles in this website and we usually delete those as soon as possible.
Paid matrimonial websites Vs Free Matrimonial
First intention for these websites is to make money, so they do all trick to make money. Do you know why these paid matrimonial are charging customer, service they provide through websites are not complex than what we have in facebook or google. This is your information and you share and have a better life, nothing more.
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